Kinesit, certified performance and comfort

The Kinesit collection has undergone tests at Ergocert – Ente di Certificazione per l’Ergonomia (Ergonomics Certification Institute) - aimed at assessing its ergonomic features and obtained the relevant ergonomics certification, recognized at a European level.

Ergonomics principles specially apply to the design of workplace equipment, aiming at maximizing productivity while improving the operator’s wellbeing.  These very principles have informed the design of Kinesit and its sleek and minimalist silhouette.
The choice of ergonomics certification for the Kinesit chair reflects Arper’s design philosophy which is predicated on an holistic approach to a wide range of ergonomic considerations, not just confined to its technical performance.
For Kinesit testing Arper chose ErgoCert, the certification institute of the University of Udine established with the specific aim of assessing the ergonomic characteristics of work environments using strict parameters.

Assessment of ergonomic features is carried out according to scientific criteria complemented by practical tests that are performed on all models due for certification.
The areas being tested are varied, and include the seat comfort assessed by taking into account the user's physical characteristics and functional aspects such as stability, sturdiness, chair proportions. The assessment is also performed by interviewing a number of sample users that will enable the institute to combine scientific results with personal subjective evaluations.
The ergonomic principles form part of Kinesit’s DNA and guarantee the end user an optimum example of Arper’s ‘soft tech’ approach: technology in the service of beauty and human interaction.

The different versions of the chair, with high, medium, low backrest, with and without armrests, have proved compliant with all the assessed criteria.  ErgoCert certifications are available at the following link.
The 2D and 3D models of the Kinesit collection are available at this link and on Arper’s website, along with the dedicated brochure, the technical documentation and the product pictures.
Kinesit pictures
2D and 3D CAD models
Kinesit brochure
Technical documentation 

Links will be valid until 11 February.
For more information on the Kinesit collection, please visit or contact us at [email protected]

ErgoCert  is the only Certification Institute that specifically deals with ergonomics in Italy; in 2005 it was awarded the SINCERT Accreditation aimed at providing objective, scientific and specialized ergonomic assessments. In 2009 it became a Spin-Off of the University of Udine, with the objective of facilitating cooperation among university research laboratories, industries and the institutions in the area, while supporting research and spreading new technologies.  ErgoCert offers customers access to highly specialized and scientifically approved services in the field of ergonomics and related disciplines. It operates in Italy and, since 2014, also on the European territory.

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